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Spring Into the Perfect Flavor

What’s your favorite part about spring? At Carmex®, we like to embrace the newness of it all. A fresh, go-get-‘em attitude. An untested pair of boots. A spontaneous happy dance (because the snow shovels are finally stored away).
And, of course, a new Carmex® lip balm. Because really, it’s the perfect season to try a fresh flavor.
Taking the bike out for a spin or trying a new hiking trail? Bring along Carmex Daily Care® Strawberry for that breath-of-fresh-air pick-me-up and SPF 15 protection.
Reconvening with nature and planting a new bed of flowers? Put on some Carmex Comfort Care® Mixed Berry. It’s the all-natural, long-lasting moisture you need to accompany a garden that’ll really bloom.
Or are you preparing for a spring break getaway to your new favorite beach? Make sure to pack Carmex Daily Care® Fresh Cherry. It’ll give you shade from the sun and the sweet taste you need for a sweet vacation.

No matter your plans, don’t forget to keep caring for those lips. If spring is in the air, Carmex® should be in your pocket.

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