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What’s new at Carmex? Well, a lot of things! Check out what we’re up to below.

For siblings who can’t stop stealing each other’s lip balms, Buzzfeed recommends gifting your sister a Daily Care three-pack. “No one likes cracked, dry lips,” one contributor said, “This set of three (Carmex Daily Care lip balms) should hold your sis over for at least a few months.”
(50 Little “Just Because” Gifts To Get Your Sister) // 2.14.19

Lauren from lifestyle blog Vandi Fair always relies on Carmex Classic to deliver the moisture her lips crave. “I’ve tried dozens of products that promise to hydrate chapped lips, but to this day, Carmex is the only one that truly leaves my lips feeling revived and rehydrated.”
(90’s Revival-Bringing Back My Favorite Beauty Must-Have) // 2.09.19

POPSUGAR named Carmex Classic one of their favorite products to combat dry winter lips. “We can’t quit Carmex Medicated Lip Balm,” one editor said, “It’s just so darn hydrating!”
(Kiss Chapped Winter Lips Goodbye With These 15 Lip Balms) // 1.31.19

When winter weather gets the best of your lips, Elite Daily recommends turning to Carmex Classic. “(Carmex Classic) has been a go-to for chapped lips forever, and that’s because it really works.”
(The 5 Best Lip Treatments for Dry, Peeling Lips) // 1.06.19

Carmex Comfort Care was mentioned as one of Shape magazine’s favorite soothing oatmeal-based product for chapped lips.
(Gift Your Skin and Hair These 12 Soothing Oatmeal Products This Winter) // 12.13.18

Seventeen online declared Carmex Comfort Care a “next-level lip balm” because it’s budget-friendly, “works wonders,” and will “fully restore your lips.”
(16 Next-Level Lip Balms That Will Revive Your Dried-Out Pout) // 11.15.18

Actress Ellie Kemper tells New York Magazine online that she swears by the Carmex Classic Tube. “Nothing gets it done like Carmex,” Kemper said, “I just unscrew that red cap and gently squeeze that yellow tube, and out drifts that sweet menthol, and only then do I know that I’m home.”
(What Ellie Kemper Can’t Live Without) // 10.2.18

Elle Online highlighted Carmex Classic as a lip balm they cannot get enough of. “We can’t talk best lip balms without mentioning Carmex,” one editor said, “They’ve been around for over 80 years, and for good reason!”
(12 Lip Balm ELLE Editors Just Can’t Get Enough Of) // 9.19.18

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