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Why We Love Carmex


How much do we love Carmex®? It’s almost impossible to count the ways. But that didn’t stop us from trying. Here are nine ways Carmex makes us happy…

The morning swipe — We all have our morning routines. Hit snooze (hit snooze again), brush teeth, shower, make breakfast. Nothing caps it off like swiping on your favorite flavor of Carmex Daily Care®. Now you’re really ready to face the day.

Carmex SuperCran™ — A super fruit for super lips. Filled with antioxidants, vitamins and a natural balance of Omega 3/6/9. Makes us happy just thinking about it.

Pocket surprise — Ever pull on a winter coat and find some surprises in the pocket? We like to think of the Carmex® Classic Original stick left there from last year as a hidden treasure. Always there when you need it.

Flavors on flavors — Some days you feel sweet like a strawberry. Others, you want a fresh burst of wintergreen. You shouldn’t have to choose. Each Daily Care flavor is delicious and refreshing.

Stocking stuffer — A present sure to make everyone smile. Give the gift of comfort during the holiday season.

Carmex® Classic Lip Balm — Alfred Woebling nailed it. His original creation is still going strong, soothing and protecting chapped lips for over 80 years.

Fidget spinner — Sometimes at work, you just need to keep your fingers occupied so your mind can focus on the task at hand. Give your stick of lip balm a twirl or ten on your desk. An easy hack to let your mind roam free.

First date jitters — We’ve all been there. You’re excited, you’re nervous, you’re all a jumble. You can always count on Carmex for smooth, healthy-looking lips. Just that little boost of confidence every night out needs.

Winter warrior — Build a snow fort. Ski the steepest black diamond. Strap on some snowshoes. Carmex® will keep your lips comfortable through it all.



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