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Tips for Cold Sore Sufferers


Try to avoid triggers that can cause cold sore outbreaks
• Keep your lips moisturized
• Wear sunblock on your lips and avoid long exposure to the sun
• Live a healthy lifestyle: eat right, exercise, get plenty of sleep, and avoid stress

Treat cold sore symptoms with an over-the-counter medication
Carmex® Multi-Symptom Cold Sore Treatment contains benzocaine, an FDA-approved pain relief ingredient, which helps temporarily relieve pain and itch associated with cold sores and fever blisters.

Consider a prescription medication for cold sores
There is no cure for cold sores. Your dentist or physician might recommend a prescription antiviral medication as a cold sore remedy to treat fever blisters. Antiviral treatments can help your body fight the virus.


Stages of a Cold Sore

Here’s what you can expect during 3 stages of a cold sore, and what you can do to help manage the symptoms.

Jun 28 2022

Herpes Simplex: A Viral Infection That Causes Cold Sores

Do you know what causes your cold sore outbreak?

Jun 28 2022

Fight the cold, Carmex style

While we can’t do much about the snow, we can make sure your lips feel comfortable all winter long.

Jun 28 2022

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