Jordon Polk

Going Out With Carmex

Hi my name is Jordon Polk and I am a MIAD senior in Illustration. I grew up in Racine,Wisconsin, which is not too far from Milwaukee. I have always taken an interest in art but my main influence was the kids at my mother’s daycare because they were always asking how I draw and what inspires me. To be honest they were always my inspiration, they had crazy stories, creative ideas, and always ready to learn. I started to create stories and characters that they could relate to, but then it grew into more stories that people went through.


I make art to show people different stories that someone may relate to; to find themselves in a narrative that can help them grow past most pain. People have the right to be heard even if they haven’t worked up the courage to speak yet. However, not all my work deals with heavy topics. They can also be light-hearted and meaningful as I aim to be a positive figure for those around me, my art community, and for the ones I love.