Amira Humes

What Brings You Comfort?

I am Amira Humes, an artist from Saginaw, Michigan, currently studying Illustration and Communication Design at Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. I began my artistic practice creating traditional artwork with various paints, but over the years I have been exposed to digital mediums and now love to create vector-based artwork as well. Exploring different cultures in my artwork helps me express my own diverse heritage and learn something new about someone else’s story. In addition to culture, culinary illustrations have become one of my main fascinations and has become integrated in a large majority of my artwork.


Creating has taken many different forms for me over the years in narrative illustrations, information-based designs, pattern design, and recently sewing. As I continue my journey in the art world, I learn more and more about myself and all the opportunities that await me; I am so excited to continue evolving.