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SuperCran: A Wisconsin Connection

At Carmex®, we are proudly Wisconsin born and raised. Since Alfred Woelbing started making lip balm by hand in 1937, we’ve operated out of Milwaukee County. And while we like brats on football Sundays as much as the next cheesehead, we like to think the (healthy) heart of Wisconsin is found in our many, many cranberry marshes.

Wisconsin might be known as the DairyLand, but cranberries are just as much in our nature. Cranberry marshes cover over 21,000 acres of Wisconsin real estate, and each year’s harvest accounts for more than 60% of the entire country’s bountiful supply. That’s a lot of cranberries!

With this incredible super fruit packed with antioxidants and vitamins right in our backyard, we knew cranberries were the perfect ingredient for our next lip care breakthrough. Carmex SuperCran™, a first-of-its-kind 100% natural lip butter, absorbs quickly to help moisturize lips and restore their healthy appearance.

We’ve found comfort in Wisconsin for over 80 years. Now, quite literally.

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